How to exclude empty fields in a list?


I have a map plugin (Leafymaps) that requires lists of latitudes and longitudes for positioning markers and lines. However, some of these lat and long fields are legitimately empty, resulting in the markers and lines not being drawn correctly.

Is there a way to exclude these empty fields from the list?


You can just filter the list to exclude items who’s latitude or longitude are empty…

i.e. add a filter to the RG’s list of BuFlis: From’s Lattitude is Not Empty, From’s Longitude is not empty)

Or you can apply that as a constraint on the RG datasource itself if that makes more sense.

Thanks. I’m trying to do your first suggestion (the second suggestion isn’t an option), but…

I don’t know how to make a list of yes/nos.

No, you need to filter the list of BuFlis (not the list of texts).

So move the filter one place forward in the expression. i.e. RepeatingGroup BuFli's List of BuFlis: filtered: each item's From latitude

Still no luck I’m afraid. I’m not able to get “each item’s From latitude”, just “From’s latitude”.

What am I doing wrong?

That’s correct - I misunderstood your database structure previously, so expression will display the way it is in your screenshot (although it’s the exact same thing, just worded differently)

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Thanks so much! I didn’t change all of them, so it appeared that it wasn’t working :sweat_smile:

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