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How to expose a Bubble page through the API

I would like to allow another, external website to show one of the pages in my app in an iframe. How do I make this work, if I require login to show the content of the page?

I could trigger a login form inside the iframe, but I would prefer to have the server of the other website authenticate through the API (it knows the username/password), get the token back and use that for getting access to the page content.

I don’t think it can be done, but maybe someone else can figure it out?

Otherwise I will have to use the GET API to pass the raw data objects to the other web site and let it handle all of the GUI, but that really is the responsibility of my app.

You don’t need the API for that I think, just use the link in an iframe.

Agreed. I just wanted to see if I could have the other web site log the user in to my Bubble app, so that it would be an integrated user experience.

That would mean expose oauth from your bubble app. We can do this (though at this stage we’d have to do that over email). But that requires some coding on the receiving part.

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OK, thanks. It’s good to know - I will get back.