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Need Bubble developer for an API setup for an external site

Hi there,
I have a Bubble app, and I need to expose content from it to another website.
The other website needs to be able to extract data from my Bubble app in a format that I can then insert on that site as HTML.

As a simple example, if my Bubble app has a data type with a text field with some raw HTML or markdown in it, I’d want to be able to pull that into an HTML page on another site, and inject it as the content of that page.

Hope that makes some sense. I can explain in more detail and jump on a call etc. to dig deeper into the requirements which will start off fairly simple but expand in the future.

Creating an API for external use in Bubble is very simple, probably a 5-minute job - but the returned format is JSON - not HTML (with the Bubble API) . So on the other site an iframe won’t work. So you need something on the other site to deal with the JSON from Bubble. One more consideration is CORS [Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) - HTTP | MDN] ensuring the other site gracefully deals with the external (Bubble) content if it isn’t an iframe.

I don’t know of a way to make Bubble return an HTML fragment, but there might be a trick.

How that Bubble JSON API gets dealt with in the other site is up to the capabilities in the other site, not really a Bubble problem. So that is really the thing that needs to be understood.

PM me if interested - I’m available over the weekend.

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Yup, JSON would be fine. But I need someone to set up the Bubble side and a connection on the other site too. None of it exists currently and my dev skills are limited.

Where’s the other site built?

Doesn’t exist currently, but you can assume it’s just an empty website (no WP etc.) plain HTML/php.

Is the other site something like, Wordpress, Wix, Webflow, Squarespace, etc etc etc or a hand coded website? If you don’t know, can you share a link to it - it’s generally easy to figure out from inspecting the source.

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ok - easy peasey Oli, - @jared.gibb is your man :slight_smile: you’ll be in safe hands


Thanks, Lindsay!

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@oli1 This can be accomplished by exposing your bubble data API and then make a HTTP request to the provided endpoint and display data in your html file/page. I’ve worked on this and would love to help you out

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