How to Filter Data Based on a Time Range?

hello to all!

i am making an app that tracks certain transactions that users take. i would like to store those transactions on a grid, that’ll show me the transactions with a range of time of it happening.

for example, i would want a grid chart that showed me the transactions that took plcace from, say, 7-9AM, 9-11AM, etc etc

i’ve already got the time and date store when the transactions are made, but how can i get it so that a chart shows me only those that happen within a certain span of time?

thanks ahead :smile:

hi, this should be easy but for me it does not work. can someone else confirm or show their method:

it seems grouped by only works for days but not fractions of a day like hours. 2 hours should be around 0.08 of a day but the chart shows the same as 1 per day.

I used the chart element plugin.

in theory you should be able to do what i did for transactions instead of for users.

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