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How to filter geografic address search, by country?

I have the search field where I want to search addresses, only in Japan. Does someone have idea how to realize this?
How to filter the search results by country?


Welcome to the Bubble community!

There are a few ways to do this, but I a simple way would be the following:

1st When the input value is changed:

2nd. In the event above, enter the following condition:
PS - Extract the country from the input value and run this event only if the value is not Japan

3rd. Insert an action to reset input value:

You can also insert alerts after this action explaining to the end user that it is only available in Japan.

I hope this helps!

Hello, thanks for your response

Maybe my question wasn’t correctly formulated.

I need to filter hints list below search box
to show only results where country is Japan.


You can try this way then:

Prefers results around and radius (meters).

I hope this helps!

Thank you!
This helps :+1:
But this method works like sorting but not filtering, anyway that helps me

Thank you again !

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