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I know this specific topic has been covered numerous times, but it would be great if we were able to limited the results from Bubble’s Geographic Searchbox to a specific country, rather than worldwide.

I am aware there are multiple solutions such as Repeating Groups, etc… but I often found this too long to load. I am also using HTML and javascript to achieve a Google Autocomplete for addresses (with results from a specific country), but this is a long workaround and already I am experiencing conflicting issues with Bubble elements.

Does the Bubble Team have any idea whether this is likely to happen, or can I have a quotation on a sponsorship basis?

Hope you can help.

Yes, if there was a way to limit the results to a specific country that would be very beneficial. Any word on this?

I’m working on a plugin for this, based on Algolia Places. WIP demo here (results are restricted to the UK):

Should be available soon.

Also, I know exactly what you’re talking about with dealing with conflicts when using Google Places Autocomplete, facing the same issues myself: Isolating plugin scripts

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This is brilliant news @dambusmedia

The demo looks great. Have you thought about doing a Google Places Autocomplete plug-in with restrictions by country? I don’t know about anyone else, or how much in demand it is, but it’s something I would definitely pay $10+ a month for.

Ah, sorry, ignore last comment. Just saw the linked topic.

Yeah, hopefully a solution for the plugin isolation issue can be found. Got a plugin that works fine otherwise but the fact that it breaks when a map element is on the same page is really a dealbreaker.

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Is this available yet?

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