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How to find a great freelance developer?

Hi all,

I thought I would write a blog post about how to find a great Bubble freelancer to help others.

Here are the ideas I have so far - any more things I can/should add?

Some times Startup founders don’t want to use an Agency to work on their App idea but want a single developer, so how do we figure out which developer we should use?

There are no certificates that a developer can show you to prove they are qualified so it must be based on showing you their previous work.

Here are our five tips for finding a great freelancer, if you don’t want to use a world class Agency like Million Labs :slightly_smiling_face::

1- Ask the Bubble Freelancer to share you a list of App’s they built using

  • Preferably examples that are close to your use case

2- Ask the Bubble freelancer if they still have access to the editor of those App’s and can they show you around the database, pages and workflows via a shared screen.

  • Even if you don’t understand the database architecture, workflows etc you will get a feeling for how confident the freelancer is with this show & tell.

3- Signup to the Bubble forum ( and search for your bubble developer by name (or ask them for their forum name)

  • You are looking to see the type of questions your freelancer is asking and answering. Were they asking basic questions just a few weeks ago (you can check the date of each post)
  • Are they answering lots of technical questions (this could be a sign they are an experienced Bubbler)
  • Check their are no posts complaining about the freelancer (note:- there are bad customers as well as bad freelancers)

4- On the Bubble forum check their profile to see when they joined

  • We would suggest to become an experienced Bubbler takes at least 6-months and the longer the more likely they are to be competent.

5- Speak to a previous customer

  • Ask them for a reference customer and to provide you with a name, email or telephone.
  • Then speak to that customer to find out how they found working with them.

Definitely agree with all of these points

We were actually discussing this with @gaimed this afternoon, would be an awesome idea to build an exam app to test freelancers. I would definitely dev that if I had the time to dig into it


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thanks @simon, perfect timing :slight_smile:

what about if someone need Bubble dev that is fluent in advanced API’s integration (aka payments), any tips on that?

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API integrations is tricky but I would say - if you take Stripe as a good example there will be Dev’s that have figured out how to do the basics using the Bubble Stripe plugin, those that use Stripe.JS plugin then those that are building their own using the API connector.

Ask the freelancer how they did the integration to understand their level. Stripe is super complicated and has lots of API’s so a simple Stripe checkout is not full on subscription management.

Examples are still the best way to understand their expertise

Hope that helps


You confirmed my intuition… thank you :slight_smile:

By the way if you’re looking to integrate Stripe I’ve come up with a combination of Stripe.js and API Connector calls to fit any use-case.

Here is an example:

Let me know if you need my help!

Need extra help?

Book a free 15 minutes call - happy to help if I can

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Hey everyone…
I wrote a blog post about this topic if you are interested…especially thinking about the issues moving forward as your project is successful and scales.

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Acho que você deveria experimentá-los no mercado. Se você pesquisar no Google, obterá uma lista de mercado freelancer que pode ajudá-lo neste caso. Eles podem ajudá-lo facilmente a realizar seu trabalhos feitos. Apenas experimente e aproveite o seu melhor tempo.