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Hi Bubblers,
I’m at that cross-road in my no-code journey where I need to hire an experienced developer.

I completed about 60% of my app on my own and I’m pleased with the results. However, the remaining 40% will require a bit more than I can give it in terms of coding logic. To be honest, the learning curve would be more time than I’m willing to commit to if I continued on my own.

I’m looking for someone who has deep experience in building chats/messaging, APIs, SMS. These functionalities will be included in my PHASE II release of the app.

I would like to know if there is a formal hub where I can preview profiles of Bubble Developers or is this the proper channel for this type of request. I trust the credibility of Bubble and the Developers in the community and I don’t want to go outside the community resource for assistance.

Please direct me on the proper channels and/or let me know if you have any referrals I may consider.

Thank you,

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You can post your request at Agencies | Bubble as well to get more quotes.


Also, you can meet with a coach if you want some guidance. Just another option. :blush:


Thank you, I will definitely book a coaching session. I didn’t know this was an option.
Look forward to my booking confirm next week.

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Glad that helped. :blush:

Thank you for all who responded to this post, I appreciate your time.

I want to be a bit more specific on my needs for my project.
I am looking for Certified Bubble Developers who provide coaching for this first wave of assistance. This is the most feasible for me, at least until I see if my app is market-accepted, then I will advance to a more hands-on-approach for release of phase II and excise a bigger budget. My project is already 60% complete and I can actually eliminate a few features and be closer to 80% complete. It just more practical to have a coach to lead me to the first milestone on the pre-launch.

I hope this clarifies my needs and help those who are looking for this kind of project to consider.


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Hey @kim.livinlarge!

If you still need an experienced Bubble developer and who is Bubble certified, would love to discuss more. Feel free to schedule a call with me at Calendly - Paul Beresuita

You can also find more info about my studio here-

Also, you can peek at some templates we’ve put together here: Template Store

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