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How to Find All References to a Page

Is there a way to find all references to a page when developing in the editor? For example if I need to update internal navigation links to a new page, I’d want to find all references to the old page and update the links/workflows with the new page.


Hey RG, :slight_smile: You’ve probably done this but you can use the App Search Tool (using the magnifying glass icon in the top menu), and narrow the search by the action type: “Go to Page” (for workflow navigations).

You can’t filter the search by page name, but the results will include the name of the page in the format “Go to page x”, in the results. For navigation links, I think the only way is to narrow down by element type: link, and then check each one. Those results will contain all of the links in your app.


Thank you @fayewatson!

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This might be useful too: the page name can be changed in the property editor, if the page is selected.