How to search for page


I am having trouble figuring out how I can have a Search Box element return results of names of internal pages of my app, and then allow you to click on the page name in the results to go to that page.

I thought maybe I needed to make a data type to list all the pages names and links. By doing that I know how to create a search by page names, but not how to make the return clickable to navigate to the page link.

Or, is there a way to do this that I’m not thinking of?

Any help is appreciated!

Yeah, if you want to use a SearchBox you’ll need to use a datatype, so have a field for the page path (the page name).

Then you can append the path to the website home URL to use as the link.

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Thanks for the reply! Very helpful!

I have the data type set up, one feild is the name, one feild is the hyperlink to the corresponding page. I get how to set up a search bar to return for the name feild, I’m still confused on how I can take those results and have the result be clicked to follow the corresponding link.

Well, if you’re using a searchBox you can’t use a link… you’ll have to use a workflow action.

Just run a workflow when the input value is changed to open an external website (home url: searchbox’s value’s path)

If you need to use a link instead of a workflow action, you can just recreate your own SearchBox using an input element, a group focus, and a RG containing the links.