How to format Stripe Data as number

Hi all,

I have a simple workflow to charge a user via stripe. I’m trying to save the total charged to a data type, Registration, as a number field.

At first, it was saving the the total but instead of saving 110.99 the information saved to Bubble was without the period so, 11099.


I thought I could change this with a “formatted as” workflow like so:

(I also tried saving as Number instead of Currency.)

However, I’m seeing that issue.

What am I missing here?

The goal, if you have another idea, is to have the data so that later I can generate reports on how each program did.

Thank you!

Hey Jen,

Amounts in the Stripe api are in the “smallest common currency unit” so for US Dollars that would be cents. If you would prefer to store these values as dollars and cents, divide the value by 100 and you’ll be all set. Keep in mind however that when posting back to Stripe you’ll need to reverse this.

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Thank you! That did it!

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