How to generate PDF with data coming from Database connector with more than 200 rows?

I use the SQL Database Connector to connect a mySQL database.
I know that every SQL statement must have a limit of 200 records, which is quite ok for displaying info to users on the screen, as we can do pagination.
However, i also need to produce PDF (or excel) reports for users. In those reports data must be comprehensive and can contain sometimes thousands of rows. But it is not possible because of Bubble restrction on 200 records.
What could be the workaround to be able to produce comprehensive reports ?
Thanks for your help

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Just looked at the SQL DB Connector docs but didn’t see any mention of the 200 record limit. Is that limit on the database server side or the connector side?

If you can’t get around that you might have to call database over and over and build the list locally.

Yea if there is a 200 item limit, you could do some kind multi-repeating group setup to take all your paginated calls and stack them on top of each other for the PDF conversion. Probably would need the Toolbox plugin with ListOfNumbers element, then one repeating group with the type number with numbers 1, 201, 401, 601, then inside the cell another repeating group doing your SQL call starting from it’s Current Cell’s number.

Never done anything like that but just an idea

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Thanks Tyler for your help. I’ll try that.

The limit is on Bubble side. When you create an sql statement, bubble rejects it except if you finish it with “LIMIT 200”

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Thank you.
I had already read that page when scoping out the project!
That is massively important info & really needs to be in the plugin documentation!

Will likely be running into the same issue. Please keep us posted.

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