How to generate SN number

In my app I want to generate SN to each user, it should be 5 digit , How I can do that?

You can use the generate random string function. There are a couple of threads that cover this topic (along with alternatives) pretty well.

You can use the date & time in UNIX format (inside bubble)

Thank you Dan
I read that thread. But what I want exactly is
I build app for forwarding parcels, so as soon as the user signed up he must have a unique suit’s number and that number should not share with other user and it must storge in database of users. the problem of random number generator is it may give same number to maney users "that poor probability but possible "
I tried to count users and put it as a suite number but I couldn’t inter it in database to be showen to user and me

that will be to long or doesn’t unique if I shorted it

Take a look at this post

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Thank you Mike
I read that post and it inspired me to fine an easier solution.
I added a new feiled to users database and named it “unite” then I creadted a new database entry manually and gave it starter number .
now when user signs up the workflow looks at last nubmer in the user list +1
and look what I have now

Thats great Imanda,

Please be aware that when two users sign up at the same time there is a small risk they receive the same number.

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The last post on the topic that Mike referenced gives a good solution …