How to get a api response from a api response

How do I get a response from an api endpoint that is based on another response in the same workflow?

i.e. retrieve thing 1 and then call the unique id of thing 2 contained within thing 1 without having to make seperate calls to 2 different endpoints?

Keep in mind that i’m using the API connector and connecting BACK to Bubble to send out a response.

If you use the API connector you should be able to have the response from the action, now it won’t be the native Bubble types you’ve defined, it will be a different type of data.

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I’m getting the responses OK using the API connector and pointing it back to Bubble but what I’m not able to do is in the same api call use the data from response 1 to retrieve data based on the unique id’s received in response 1 to get deeper level data…

In other words when thing 1 contains thing 2 and they relate to each other by unique ID I’m trying to have all of the information come back to me in the response.

Example: an apartment listing in New York (response 1 lists all apartments in New York area) but each apartment listing contains a list of features (thing 2) which I’m trying to call within the same api call. I wish there was something like “do a search for result of step 1’s api response unique ID” and out put all of that information within the same api response.

Do i need to make multiple api calls based on the responses received in sequence taking lots of time on the mobile app side to get all the data from Bubble?

That’s not something we support indeed, so you should do more calls.

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Would be very good to add this feature. Thanks

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