Is It Possible To Get A Response FROM an API Endpoint?

Currently I need to use GET calls in a lengthy and time consuming format from a mobile app that i’m building to connect to Bubble’s main app.

For now my calls: call 1 -> call 2 -> call 3 -> call 4

Can you not use ONE simple call to the wf/ API endpoint to have this process retrieved from the bubble side and sent OUT in the response??

Or is there a way to use the API connector so that it provides a response to the mobile app containing the information I need? And trigger this to happen via the /wf API endpoint??

It takes about 20 seconds to load each page because of the sequence of calls that must be made.


@emmanuel can you please help me out with this request?

Data > Return Data from an API

If you use the API connector and the return data action in the endpoint you should get the data back.

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Ah . Ok.

Set the api connector to connect to bubble instead of an external api and voila.

I’m trying to figure this one out but not sure how it works.

When I use the ‘return data from api’ action it doesn’t give me an option of a call to trigger.

Do you mean to setup the GET call (from bubble’s db) inside the bubble api connector and then Select it under the plugins tab?

When i do i do get a success but am not able to see any of the data that the api call is supposed to ‘GET’.

You are not including any data. Click the “Add another parameter” button, and add a key, value pair.

I think I’m getting it.

I’m using the return data from API action in the api endpoint and searching for thing and getting a result for the thing but how do i search for Things within Things so that i can access all of the data in one call? I’m trying to get away from having to make a series of calls and wait for respones in a mobile app.



Could you help me out with this one please @emmanuel?

Sorry out of context it’s not easy to help. Can you reformulate the question in one post?

I agree.

I have reformatted the question here - How to get a api response from a api response

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