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How to get a FIXED IP in bubble

Hello there!

My app / project is a multi-quoter for insurance carriers.

Reading their web-services documentation, they ask me the IP range from where I will be consuming their data, in order to validate-accept them.

First, is via bubble API connector to connect to this kind of web services?

Second, if so, I can do it with a free plan? or need a paid one?

third, finally, where i could get the IP data in order to do so

Thanks in advance for every response


We can offer a fixed IP on a dedicated plan.

Hey Martin,

If the dedicated plan is too pricey for you, then there is an option to setup a http proxy middleware on a heroku instance or similar with a fixed IP.
Just make sure you secure your endpoint well enough.

This is one example although there are many ways to do this.

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@emmanuel there is no chance in having a fixed IP on cheaper plans? the dedicated it’s the most expensive one! the business could pay for it but not in the near future!

Hi, do you have any tutorial how to implement this with bubble?