I need a fixed ip

Hello there!

I’m trying to connect my bubble app (it’s an insurance estimator) and the apis pointed to the insurance carriers. But they need to know the IPs to let the calls

Asking, bubble representatives told me to get a dedicated plan. But it seems to need a much more technical person than me to manage it. And the price is completely out of budget

Ideas? Are the IPs of bubble the same always? Can give those to get the validation?

Or I should maybe use some sort of “middle” service that could provide me the Fixed ip while using bubble as now but with a fixed ip at a better price?

What would you do guys?

Middle or proxy service will be the way to go if bubble does not provide a dedicated IP…

Could you suggest few that gets along with bubble?

How about this one https://www.quotaguard.com?

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Great! has anyone here tried this?

Is it easy to implement for a non-coder like me?

Not sure how that will play along with the API Connector.

Isn’t any solution like the one proposed by @BubbleCoach ?

have you ever heard about something like this @NigelG?


My immediate thought was that implementing a Proxy via the API Connector would be … interesting.

You could maybe use a lambda or webtask.io service to get it to work.

But that is bubble <> webtask <> proxy <> endpoint.

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