How to get a list of number from a number for a repeating group

Hi. So I am trying to create a repeating group with each group consisting of a button with a number on it that correlates to the index of a number list, up to the number named Length.

However, the only field that is constant in my database is the Length, I do not have the number list, as Length is varied across the things. The closest solution I could think of is creating a list of numbers from Length and then having the group’s data source be that but how would I go about that? Or is there a better solution?

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Hello @faezsubmarine welcome to the community!

Explore a free plugin called “toolbox”. In it you will find an element called “list of numbers”. Once you install it in your app you will see the element on the design tab of the editor. Place it on the page and click on it. You will see that you can set the length of the list of numbers that you want to generate with a start number and an increment number ( as well as the length of course).

And to load the numbers on the RG (data type “number”) just refer to the element in the data source of the RG (list of numbers list).

Pretty handy for what you describe. :smiley:



Thanks! Will try it soon.

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