Autogenerate a list of numbers for a Repeating Group data source?

Anyone know a way to autogenerate a list of numbers for a repeating group data source, without creating a new table in our database with numbers?

More details – I’m looking to display a list of records from our database in a repeating group. I’d like to show a record for each record number, including records that aren’t in our database. For example, if our database had records for, say, #2, #3, and #5 I’d still want to show results for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5…and would use conditional logic to say 1 and 4 are not available.

I’d strongly prefer to do this as a repeating group so that I don’t have to create all of these fields manually (I want to include 1-30 and numerous text fields for each…so very painful to set-up manually. I also prefer not to create new database fields where possible (reason = KISS).


I found one way to do it – I can simply reference another repeating group that’s on the page and reference its list of users and the use the “current cell index” function to get a number.

A bit of a hack. Open to other ideas.

You can use the list of numbers element from the javascript plugin.

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Yeah, that seems to be the way to do it now.

@sridharan.s @blueback09 is it possible to update the things database entries in the first repeating group with the corresponding number field in the second repeating group.

I know how to make changes to a list of things but how would i reference the correct field to update . Any guidance on the wf

Make changes to a list , first repeating group thing . List would be RG 1 , field to change … then filter I think then first item ? I can’t see to quite make it work

I only know 1 way to save data out of a repeating group and that’s to update 1 thing whenever that 1 item in the RG is interacted with (e.g., clicked, input changed, etc.).

We’ve also had performance and reliability problems with this approach.

As such, we’ve removed all RGs in our app as a mechanism of survey’s, input fields, etc. Instead, we copy/paste the form fields. Really wish there were a better solution.


@sridharan.s thanks Scott very helpful to know and saving me time trying to solve something that’s not doable .