How to get a Static IP for my app?

After doing some research I realized that the IP of my Bubble app is not static; it changes about once a day. How can I get a static IP?

I need to make a firewall exception for a distant MS SQL connection.

@julienallard1 I believe you would need to be on Bubbles Dedicated Plan for this.

Hi @lantzgould , thanks for the quick reply.

Could I used the Personal Plan and use a custom domain as a static reference instead? I’m just developing right now and don’t feel like paying for top performances…

Good question, and I’m not 100% sure. I’d Just reach out to Support.

Already did! I will post the answer when I get it.


Bumping this as we’re working with an API that requires a static IP.

@Bubble is a static IP possible with a personal or professional plan?

Hey, I just realized I forgot to post the reply I got. Here it is:

Hello Julien,

Thanks for checking in! I am including information about our Dedicated plan below; let me know if anything needs clarification.

Our Dedicated Plan lets you have Bubble on dedicated servers, maintained by us. For more information on how the plans work, pricing, etc., see this documentation and this section of the user manual.

This has many advantages over the Team Plan:

  • We don’t monitor app capacity usage any more. Our pricing is based on the amount of server resources your app needs, and we can scale that up and down at your request to handle growth.
  • We don’t push automatically updates of our code to your cluster. Instead, you can control the timing of when you release new versions of Bubble. As bugs happen sometime (they always do in software development), this is a safer approach for larger apps since the code will already be tested on our main cluster.
  • If something happens to the main cluster, like a traffic surge for one app, your site and your instance of Bubble is independent and won’t be affected. In other words, performance is more constant (and should be on average better than the main cluster as unexpected load won’t happen, except for your own apps).
  • If for some compliance reasons (for instance, if you’re based in Europe) the servers need to be located somewhere specifically, we can address this.

At the moment, there’s approximately two days of lead time for us to transfer you to a dedicated plan, so keep that in mind if you want to switch.

Let us know if you have more questions.

Sadly, I never was able to find a suitable solution for my client’s project. They ultimately pulled the plug on the project for several reasons including this issue.

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Hi everyone,
Did anyone find a solution for the static IP issue?

Never found a solution…

@julienallard1 maybe this: Workaround - Fixed IP address for access to external DB's - #9 by user4879