How to get a timezone ID using a zip code?

I am curious if there is a way to get the timezone ID of a zip code.

I currently have some data concerning retailers. I have their zip codes and operating hours. What I would like to do is run a workflow to assign each retailer to a time zone using their zip code I already have stored.

Is something like this possible? What I really need is to find the timezone ID of the zip code so that I can link it to a data table I have already created for the 6 timezones in USA. My timezone data type is set up like this:

Hey @boston85719: Just extract the timezone ID from a geographic address that is simply that zip code. (Note that this consumes Google API calls, so don’t do this over and over.)

See: Bubble Application

Editor: timezone-api-bug | Bubble Editor

Note in the text element:

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@keith thanks for the reply. I am having a heck of a time trying to implement a backend workflow for this.

On each of my retailer_listings I have their geographic address saved. I am using that geographic address to get the Timezone ID using the method you mentioned.

The issue is really confusing to me.

I have created a repeating group and in that repeating group I placed an input to “store” the reatiler_listings timezone id as a text value to use to search my datatype for a match. Using this approach I get the desired results.

The problem with this method for me is that I have a bit more than 5,000 records in the database…my concern is not the usage of google api calls, instead my concern is about setting of an efficient way to process all of them.

So, I tried to create a backend workflow. I have used them extensively over the last few days and have no issues with others that I have created to process data on the retailer_listings. My confusion comes from the fact that when I set up a backend workflow to do essentially the same changes, the backend workflows are not completing properly.

What happens when I run the backend workflow on a single instance is that the TimeZoneAdded (yes/no) value is stored properly, however the Time_Zone_FK and the time_zone values are empty. This seems to be because I can’t point to the value of an input.

I tested this by creating a single button on a page to use a regular workflow that doesn’t use the value of an input but is instead set up as the backend is.

In this workflow I get the same behavior as the backend workflow. The TimeZoneAdded (yes/no) is stored correctly but the Time_Zone_FK and time_zone are empty, again I believe through this testing is because I am not using an input value to store the time zone id.

Do you have any suggestions on what I could attempt to create a backend workflow that would function properly. For the life of me I can’t figure why there is the difference in using the input value compared with just using the simple search for data (the same used to populate the value of the input).