How to get API data for Page SEO info?

My page loads a bunch of data from API (a 3rd party database), but I need to set that info for the page’s metadata for social media sharing. The page level element doesn’t seem to have the “Get Data from External API” option.

Since the page is loading it, any way I can get it into the page’s element?

A quick workaround is -

  1. Call the API in the workflow when “Page is loaded” and store the data in the database.
  2. Setup the database SEO info in such a way it loads the correct result from the DB.

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Does this happen quick enough for the google crawler to register the info?

I would love to know the answer to this question, I thought maybe some JavaScript could be injected into the page header but I haven’t had the time to get someone to write said code or the expertise to test it

I ended up having a workflow add the information i needed as URL parameters, which can be loaded as meta tags. Makes the URLs uglier, but it seems to work ok from a social standpoint (not sure about SEO though!)

Hey drfalken, maybe it does not work, but I just noticed that if you copy paste the expression it is possible to get “Get data from external API” into the metadata fields:

  1. First add the expression “Get data from external API” to a field where it is possible.
  2. Right click next to the expression and press copy.
  3. Navigate to the meta data field (f.i. Title for SEO / FB), right click in the field and press paste.

Now you can configure which API to use the normal way. I made a small screen recording:


No idea wether the data will correctly be used/displayed in SEO / on Facebook though.

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Hmm interesting - I’ll give it a try!

Tried it – doesnt work :frowning:

send you a pm

Worked for me

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