Getting outside of the provided meta box

Hey all, I have an app that is using an external backend, said app is an e-commerce app and I am tackling the seo in the product page but in the meta data box, header box and the fb image box there is no way to pull any data from outside of a search or the page url.

Anybody know how I can have dynamic meta data on my pages that pull from my external backend?

JavaScript maybe?

It is dynamic. Look:


Yes but you can only do a search or refer to current user, I need to pull the data from an API endpoint

Oh. But you can “Do a search for” any data in the Bubble data types. So you can put the data from an API endpoint in some Data type in Bubble, and then get it from there.

I have a million products, that means I would need to keep a million records on bubble, precisely what I’m trying to avoid.

but it is a sensible idea for less data

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