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How to get Birthdays of the day by email without backend workflows

Helo Bubblers!

The title says what I need…

The only way I could think was using daily scheduled backend workflow, but this is for Professional accounts and I dont need more than this; my need it too little for the price…

Does anyone can think by another way?

You can just run a regular backend workflow (not a scheduled workflow) every day that searches for users/customers who’s birthday is on that day, then send an email to those people.

I think I tried that. If I remember correctly didn’t work because nothing triggered.

Was something like:
Do search for birthdays like current date month\date.
Then send list to email
Only if those search is bigger than 0

When this could be triggered if it’s not scheduled?

Which workflow option you would use?

Thanks man

Create a backend workflow with 2 actions:

The first action will send the email. This step will do a search for Users (or whatever datatype it is you’re running the workflow on) who’s birthday is today (i.e. birthday ≥ current date/time: rounded down to day AND birthday < current date/time: rounded down to day: +(days) 1

The second action just schedules this workflow to run again tomorrow (i.e. current date/time: plus (days) 1 or current date/time: plus (days) 1: change hours to 8: change minutes to 0 etc.

Then you just need to kick the workflow off initially - so just have a button on an admin page somewhere to get it going - schedule it to first run at whatever time you want it to run.

That’s all there is to it.


Thanks a lot man, I’ll try that!

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