Scheduling a future/recurring event


I want to make a scheduled event where when it is a user’s birthday, it’ll create a new update (notification) and then send a email to the user wishing them.

Can anyone help. thanks!

Schedule a wf whereever the user sets their B-Day

i didnt get what you mean.

You want to schedule a workflow to run (to create a notification and send an email) on a User’s birthday…


…schedule a backend workflow to run (to create a notification and send an email) on the User’s birthday…

You can do that as soon as you know when the User’s birthday is… (maybe use a database trigger event to schedule it)…

Which aspect of it is it you need help with specifically?..

so i want when it is a User’s Birthday, the event will trigger and send a email wishing the user.
I tried scheduling a backend workflow and a event but eventually it doesnt work, if you want me i can show you some screenshots from it.

Hi there, @mrpsgamer8… unless I am missing something simple, the wrinkle on this one is figuring out if the user’s birthday has already passed in the current year when you schedule the backend workflow the first time. The following is an example where the user’s birthday is collected during the sign up process.

First, create a backend workflow that takes a user as a parameter, and have the last step of the workflow schedule the workflow again for the next year.

Then, during sign up, schedule the workflow to run in the current year only if the user’s birthday has not already passed.

If the user’s birthday has already passed in the current year, schedule the workflow to run in then next year.

Hope this helps.



so this will send a update (notification) and a email to the user when it is the user’s birthday correct? and ill add both the API’s in the signup? as i won’t know if the user’s birthday has passed or not, since we don’t really check that in our system unless its the owners.

I’m not sure why you are asking another question at this point. Are you collecting the user’s birthday at sign up and have you tried to implement what I showed? Why don’t you try a test where you implement it, sign up with a new user who’s birthday is tomorrow, and see if you get a happy birthday email tomorrow.

so i just tested it and i need to upgrade to be able to run the API. Is there a Alternate way to do it?

Wait, you’re not on a paid plan? Yeah, we’re done here… or at least I’m done here.


welp. anyone else knows how to? cuz i think it is possible somehow.

Please enlighten us…

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idk thats why i stated "i think’

idk thats why i stated "i think

But, surely that ‘thought’ must be based on something factual?… (or are you just hoping?)…

In any case, in terms of being able to schedule something to happen in your app at a future time, without using a scheduled backend workflow, nope… it’s not possible in Bubble…(regardless of what you might think or hope)

You might be able to find some external services to do it for you, but I’m not sure why the extra hassle and expense would be worth it, when it’s dead simple to do directly in Bubble using scheduled workflows…

So easy, on page load search for any users where birthday:extract month and day = today, then send the email. Make everyone’s front end the new backend (I’m kidding @mrpsgamer8 please for the love of god don’t do this)

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