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How to get bubble to delete something 24 hours after its created

Hello guys
I’m designing a native app where there are two pictures but I want one to be deleted after 24 hours and the other one to be moved to a different location. But I can’t figure out how to tell bubble to recognize when 24 hours have passed and then proceed to delete one picture and move the other to it’s new location.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you for any help

Take a look at the Schedule Workflow API. You would set it perform the action 24 hours from created date/time.


Would be excellent to have time zones relate to Scheduled Workflows too based on addresses of things.

So a deal in Chicago that’s set to close at X time closes CHICAGO X time vs. Bubble Server time.

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do you have an example of this? I’m slightly confused about setting it up

is it a completely separate workflow or is it in the same workflow as the thing that is being created?

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m relatively new to Bubble so although I’ve tried to figure out how to set up schedule workflow API, I’m very confused. Do you think you could explain how to do it in more detail?

@magalinea There are a few people on here that you can skype with if you’re stuck, Talk to @natedogg, @levon, or @potentialthings.

@brooklyn8395, it’s Schedule API is a feature you get if you’re on the Personal plan or higher.

Schedule API Workflow

This action lets you schedule the run of an API workflow later in time. For instance, let’s say you want to send an email to a user a week after he signs up, or you want to send a reminder a week before an event they’ve created. You can use such an action to do this. This action uses the Bubble Workflow API (see below), and you’ll need to be on the Personal Plan to use this and activate the API in the Settings Tab, section API. You can schedule an API workflow within another API workflow, but it cannot be referring to itself (to avoid infinite loops). If you do this, the subsequent calls will be ignored.

Thanks I read what it was I just meant if you had a workflow of how you set it up, any examples.