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Auto Delete A Thing Possible?

I have a Thing with an expiry date.

How do I automatically remove it once it’s expired?

Schedule an API workflow to delete it on the expiration date.


do you have to click new API endpoint? or create a custom event

Yes You have to create a new endpoint.

how exactly would I do that do you have any workflows or examples? I’ve been trying to schedule an API workflow but I just need some help with it.

Also the post are connected to google maps and the markers if that makes a difference.


Here is an example app so you can see how this works.
In this case, we have an auction website and the API is triggered when, the ad its about to expire
So we have the endpoint name “endad” which will make chages to ad, when current time = expired time (set by user)

This endpoint is triggered when users creates the ad

So after we create the ad, the second step is to schedule API endpoint.
Please feel free to try here:

Regards Claudiu

Thanks this really helped!!:grinning: I just wont know if this works until tomorrow also does the key matter? idk if theres any importance to it?