How to get Multidropdown to display list of items from a thing


I have a multidropdown on a page where a user can set up a service. I have a database for skills (as a list of text within the “skills” database) that the user should select as a part of the service set up.

I cannot for the life of me get the multidropdown to show this list of skills…

What is the correct way to configure this?

I am hoping that this will also apply to a single drop down that I am struggling with.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Jasha,

See the picture below and let me know if it helps you:

To do this, I created a small table called SKILL with 3 text fields:
Skill Name
Skill Description
Skill Type

I then put 3 skills in the table
Skill 1 | Description 1 | A
Skill 2 |Description 2 | B
Skill 3 | Description 3 | A

When clicked, Multidropdown A will present as options all the skills in the table and will show you as pre-selected only those of type A.

When previewed and after the multidropdown is clicked, this page will show like this:


Hey alex,

Thank you so much!

I didnt need any filtering like you demonstrated, but its good to know for future!

Thanks again