How to get output from API Call based on user input

I would like for my app user to provide a list of places and have the app output that list in the order that is most efficient using Google Maps Directions API.

I have set up the following API connection:

Also, I have successfully initialized a call using this connection with test data and have received a valid API response.

In addition, I have a workflow successfully calling that API with user input as shown here:

What I haven’t figured out is how to get the results of that API call in a list.

I have watched this video mentioned as a potential answer in this thread Get data from API and show it in a field

However, it doesn’t seem to cover the answer to my specific question.

I’d appreciate any help/direction with that!

Hi @harrisonalley,

Try switching you ‘Use As’ to ‘Data’.

Then in your Repeating Group, you can simply ‘Get data from an external API’:


Or duplicate this call with the ‘Use As’ to ‘Data’ so that you can use both in an action and data call.

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Thanks, @lantzgould

Iv’e done what you recommended.

However, I still can’t get output to show up from the call.

To simplify the inputs, I’ve made them static as shown here: Static Text Boxes

I’ve made a repeating group that seems to work:

And I’ve added text boxes that seem to work:

However, when I preview the app, the text boxes don’t populate with anything.

@harrisonalley That’s odd… can you share the preview link? And share a screenshot of the popup after you’ve initialized the call?

PM me if you want/prefer and I’ll take a look

@lantzgould I got it working! I’m not sure why but I changed one of my locations and now it works! Probably some sort of user error on my part. Anyway, thanks again for all your help!

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Awesome! Glad I could help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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