How to get Service transferred from one app to another?

Hey guys, this is a question for Bubble staff specifically since I couldn’t find a support link.

I signed up for Personal service on the wrong app x.x. I need to transfer it from one app to another, basically, so I can use the content I’ve set up and my personal domain. Thank you!!

I don’t think there is another way, I had the same problem so I just stuck with the app I paid for and restarted it all, I think you can remove the domain from your other app and then use it on the paid app version.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Joshua Riley

Thanks for the response. That is disappointing. It would only take them a few minutes to make the switch, and since they put the upgrade feature on the individual app page instead of at the account level, I’m sure this mistake happens all the time.

I agree, Tommy. For a newbie, it’s not easy to tell that upgrading is limited to the app and not an account feature. If they can’t change how it works, they could change how they explain it, I think.

The support email is, they should be able to help.

The plans used to be tied to account, they made the change to app-based plans sometime this year. #bubblehistory


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