How to get Social Follower Count

Hey Bubblers,

Looking to understand the easiest/most reliable way to get a user’s social media following stats. Ideally they would enter their @name or url, and we could grab their number of followers on FB Page, Instagram, YoutTube, ect.

Anyone know the best way to accomplish this? Is this a simple api that’s available publicly or do we need to take them through some type of OATH flow?

You’ll need to use APIs for this, for the platforms that let you.

Instagram’s can be found here:

Youtube’s APIs here:

I don’t think Facebook allows this, but worth more searching!

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Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the reply. So your saying if I have the users @name or url, I should just be able to use a GET request to the providers api to get that info, no OATH Flow for the user… is that correct?

FB might require OATH though?