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Ways to get current user's number of followers on social media?


Been struggling a bit with this issue. I want the user’s of my app to be able to connect their social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) to my app. Or I’m not even sure it has to be connected/linked at all? So when they log in to my app they get the choice which social media accounts they would like to link (preferably that they only have to write their username on that social media or paste the url of their profile) and after that my app “automatically” fetches the number of followers from each profile on the different social medias. In my head this sounds super simple, but I’m starting to realize it isn’t. I’ve been trying to do some research about APIs but it seems far too complex for a very small volume of data.

Is APIs the only way to go? I’ve also been thinking about web-scraping but I feel it’s also a lot of work (and money) for a small volume of data.

I’d be very grateful if you could give me some tips or guidance on how I should tackle this issue. Right now I’m almost giving up to be honest.