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How to get the duration of Date Range?

I can’t seem to find a way to find the duration of a date range, in this case as hours. I would think that a given.

Is there a way to calculate the duration?

Thank you!

If you use two separate data fields, you can subtract the second from the first and then format it as hours. Not too sure about data range fields, though…


A date range is made of a start date and a end date, so I think you can subtract the first one to the second one as explained by Tal

Thank you for helping. I guess I should have specified, how do I get duration as a function so that I can sum the durations for more than one date range?

I counts how many there are, but not how long they are summed.

Here is my trying to say it verbally, that might be easier:

Any ideas?
Thank you!

Did you find an answer ?

@skuigi I hired someone to build it for me… Sorry!

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Thanks for the answer.
By the way I solved it by sotring the duration in a data type :wink:

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