How to get the popup scroll back to top once cell in RG below has been selected?

Hi everyone, hoping to get some help here on my little problem.

I have a popup with data on top (video) and a repeating group below once someone selects a cell in the RG the data on top changes. The problem is that the popup stays down where the RG group is rather than scrolling up to the top where the data changed.

So my question is, how do I add the scroll to the top of the popup once an item in RG has been clicked?

Would really appreciate any help on this.


Here is a screenshot of what I’m dealing with. I have tried to scroll to an element and group but nothing seems to work I’m stuck in the same place in the popup


Thanks for your post! Would it be possible to reach out to our team at [email protected] with some more visuals of what you currently have so far and a link to this application? Happy to assist once we know more about what you’d like to accomplish.

If this popup is built on a page than easiest thing to do would be to set a scroll to workflow and select the page itself as the element to scroll to. (haven’t tested this while a popup is open and not sure if Bubble’s internal setting to stop page scroll when popups are open will make this not work)

Hi @jess and @boston85719 sorry this was a user error the scroll workflow on popups seems to be working as intended. Thanks for taking the time to help!

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Very glad to hear this! Happy to help.