RepeatingGroup scrolls to the top when group inside is clicked

Hello, each time I click a group inside a repeating group (a list of message threads) to display data to a group outside of the repeating group (the actual message), the repeating group scrolls to the top. Is there a way to not have that happen?

Here’s a GIF of what’s going on:

By any chance is your RG sorted by modified date, and you’re doing something to the data within the cell when it is clicked? that will send it to the top.

@phatle I’m not too sure why that happens tbh. If the group ‘Message’ is not in the same group as your RG, there shouldn’t be any conflicts imo.
A workaround might be to add an action (as Step1) in your workflow to make the RG scroll to Current cell’s Message

I’m modifying the thing when it’s clicked but I’m sorting by creation date. The weird thing is that the actual cell is selected still (after displaying the data) but for some reason the scrolling RG view scrolls to the top upon selection of the group within the cell each time.

can you share screen shots of the full data source, as well as the workflow what happens when you click the group.

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