How to get this connection effect between cards?

Hello, I’ve been thinking for weeks about how to build this “effect” of connection or link between cards. I already have the cards created, but how can I reproduce this effect of linking one card to another?


Hi there, @owevertonguedes… I have never used it, but it definitely couldn’t hurt to check out this plugin.



Thanks! But I would like to create or use some free solution.

  1. You can’t create this yourself in vanilla Bubble. If you know how to build plugins then I’m sure you could implement the same library that Thimo did in their plugin, but what’s your time worth?

  2. @Thimo is a high-quality Bubble plugin developer who provides excellent support.

  3. Seems like this is pretty important for your app, and he’s asking $40 bucks one-time. So, as I am now fond of saying… “Do ya want avocados or not!?”


Thanks @keith, now that song is stuck in my head for the day.

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It’s totally useful in many contexts though, @ihsanzainal84.

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