How to get user count with given number of orders?

Hi, Is there a way to count user with given number of orders?

Like user count with more than 2 orders?

Hey @kalumt2020,

I’m not sure how your database is setup, but if you have a list of orders within a user you can count it to see if it’s equal to 2

Yes, I do have list of orders within a user. But only option I get in the User constraint is “contains / doesn’t contain / I empty / isn’t empty”

Do you have a “Orders” type “Order” is a list? “Yes” field in your user type that has a list of orders that the user placed?

If so, you should be able to use that dynamic data, then user the count operator and check if it’s equal to 2.

Correct. But when I do a Search for user add a new constraint > Orders it not giving me that option.

When I do Search for User’s Orders : count equal to 2. It’s give me (Yes/ No) not the count it self.

" Order" is a list

Hi Johnny, thanks for your help. I got it. You have to do a advance filter for this not a constraint. Thanks