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How to get user to prev "page"

Hello! I am making a project where the majority of my “pages” are all on one page and are groups. So I have a group for the main dashboard, then a user selects a button (say announcements) and the Dashboard is hidden an Announcements displays.

My problem lies in getting the user to the previous group with a back button. I could do the very tedious route of hiding each group just in case and showing the one I want, but that quickly will become a massive confusing workflow.

I’m not really sure what the best approach to this is - thank you for any help.

What you described is what you have to do. With a next button, you are just hiding the currently visible group and showing the “next” group but bubble has no idea what next and previous are. To it, showing the “next” group is the exact same as showing the “previous” group.

In other words, setting up a next button action is no more or less tedious than setting up a previous button action

The best way to keep this neat is to use folders in workflow. I have this on my survey page which is comprised of 6 different groups that the user navigates between using next and previous buttons. In my workflows, I have any action associated with a particular page inside a folder named for that page (i.e. page 3 folder has the workflow for the button that shows page 4 (next) and the workflow for the button that shows page 2 (previous))

You need to use URL parameters for this. Once you learn to use them, you’ll be hooked!

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