How to give multiple users access to a specific item in DB

Good Evening all,
I have a question, i am building an app for a restaurant, there is the main restaurant. I set this up as a main admin user…
However, when i have set up another account for the owner. They cannot see the restaurant information… I need them to be able to edit the restaurant info, the products etc

Is there a way to have multiple people seeing this data?

thank you!

Hi there,

Instead of setting up the Main restaurant as the Main Admin, why don’t you have a list of Users, and users can be added to restaurants, and be given a role of Admin for a particular restaurant?


thanks for coming back to me on this. So i have added this as per some guidance from another dev.

Please see here:

I then add in the restaurant of choice to that user…

Will this give them access to that restaurant page? Or are there more info i need to add in order to make this work?

Thank you

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I appreciate any response in advance

Thank you

Does anyone have a response to this previous post?

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It will really depend on how you define your Privacy Rules, but this is one way that could work. If there’s a chance a user will admin several restaurants, just make sure this field allows lists. Another approach is to have a field of Isers on the restaurant, givomg them admin access via Privacy rules.