How to Go to previous Data item


So I’m building a very simple app, with 1 Data Type, 2 pages.

Data type: WOD (Workout of the day)


  • Homepge with RG of all the WODs
  • Page with the WOD detail: The Page is of the Data Type WOD, and setup with the “Current page’s WOD”.

On the Detailed Page, I have this feature to go to the previous item of the Data Type.

What I want: When the user clicks on the arrow left, I want him to go the WOD of the previous day.

I cna’t find the way to accomplish this. I must miss something obvious, sorry if it’s the case, but I already spent hours trying to do this, and didn’t succeed. Thanks for your help.

Hi @julianalert - for your WOD Data type do you contain the “day” or “date” as a field?

  1. You should be logging your WOD to a day or date.
  2. Then when clicking the previous button, just set a state with the data type “WOD” where you “Do a search for” WOD where Current WOD “day” or date +days - 1 .
  3. Then set the group containing the detailed page of the WOD data source to the state you just created.

This should now show you the previous WOD.

Hope this helps!

Hi Yousif,

Couldn’t make it work. You explain well, but I think I need to understand custom state’s logic.

I juste removed the “feature” for now and I’ll come back to it later with a cold brain

@julianalert of course, if you have any more questions let me know.