How to handle the "Could not connect to remove server" issue with GPT-4 API

With the introduction of GPT-4 and it being able to handle much longer conversations, the urgency of getting rid of the “Could not connect to remove server” error cannot be overstated.

I’d love to know how other Bubblers are handling this error when it comes to AI API calls. Do you have a workflow that does something when the error occurs?

Right now my users are just getting a browser-native error message that pops up and they have to dismiss it. Wondering if there’s a more elegant way I can handle this.

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Well if you set up your API calls with the “include errors in response and allow workflow actions to continue” option you should be able to handle it in Bubble:

Docs: Adding calls - Bubble Docs

Aside: How is it “urgent” that Bubble doesn’t handle some particular API you happen to be interested in particularly well?

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I think you are talking about the timeout due to waiting for long-running processes/responses on the GPT side?

Last I heard, Bubble was trialing with a handful of accounts a possible solution to alleviate the problem, not sure that’s been released to the wider community yet though.

Example of a related thread: Handle API Timeouts...😅

@keith are you sure this setting works for “timeout” and “could not connect to server” kind of errors? Or does it work only for the errors that API returns like “invalid parameters”? Couple of days ago I had a breakdown in my app because of one API connection failing, causing rest of the workflow to not work. I see that for me this setting is already enabled in that particular API call.

Just trying to understand what is your understanding and experience here. Documentation doesn’t talk about nature of errors.

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