API Connector - possible Bug?

Hello Bubble Community!

This may/may not be a dumb question, but – on all of my API connections (with the exception of Blockspring), I’m getting this error:

“Error connecting to Google: 403 Rate Limit Exceeded”

Is this a bubble bug or something I would need to purchase more server capacity for or something?

(FYI, this error is strange to me because several of the API calls I’m hoping to make (that get this error) have nothing to do with Google))


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I don’t think there is a rate limit regarding Bubble, at least none I’ve heard of. A lot of API’s use rate limits (i.e. 2 calls per seconds), which you’re likely exceeding. In your case, I would check the api documentation and/or contact the support in case you need an extended rate limit.

Thanks for the reply, @reger-alexander.

You could be right as I’m no expert, but it seems to me that there may be more to it than that, as all of my various API services (with different rate-limits) quit working at the same time (they’ve all suddenly started working again now :))

I checked & it appears to me that there was not nearly enough traffic on any one of those API calls to warrant a rate limit…

Will keep investigating. I’ve emailed Bubble & hope to hear their insights soon.

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