How to handle upstream Data Format Changes with API Connector

I am using the api connector to connect with and pull in data from various sources using simple Get queries. I expect that these providers will at some point change their data structure (e.g. add additional columns). My understanding is that this creates issues if I initialize the data as JSON because bubble will only look for the fields that were initialized. I tried to re-initialize after the fact (e.g. with different columns), but it seemed to create issues in my data structure (I wasn’t able to pull the data out of bubble through an exposed data api - I assume because it had mismatched entries - instances with both the old JSON structure and the new one).

I was thus thinking of storing them simply as data type of Text that way I always get the full data available from the source even though I wouldn’t be able to as-easily manipulate the data in bubble.

Am I thinking about this the right way? Any suggestions for this use case?