How to have multiple users but only view each users details

Hi Guys
I am building a job management software and am needing to know how I stop all my users seeing each others data.
At the moment I have data for users and clients when I create a new user and I go to my client page it should be empty but it shows every client I have added using another login.
Is there a way of each user having its own database if so how do I do this at current I have the following formula in a repeating group “Current cell’s client’s company name”. Although this works well for one user I would like to give every user a blank canvas unless the user has been created by another user.

Please help

You should look how conditionals works, I believe there is bubble lessons about it.

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You’ll need to link the data types together somehow and set privacy rules.

To link the data type together, either:

  1. Create a field “Clients” under each User, which is of type List of Clients.
  2. Use the built in “Creator” field of the “Client” type. This will only work if each client is only the client of one user, and that user is the one that created the client thing. To get around these, you could create a new field of type User on the Client type, which you would have to set manually.

Which option you choose will depend on how you want your app to be designed. If the app is mostly viewed from the perspective of a user managing their own clients, then option 1 is probably preferred. If viewing which user is currently helping a client or you want the ability for clients to switch between users, you may want to consider option 2.

For privacy rules, you will need to create a new rule for the Client type. This rule should allow access to the fields of the Client, and will depend on the choice above. The condition should be something like “Current User’s Clients contains This Client” (for 1.) or “Current user is This client’s Creator” (for option 2). You’ll then need to set the default (everyone) rule to remove the fields you want everyone to not be able to see.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Forgot the mention, the source of the repeating group should probably be changed to reflect the above changes. For option 1, set the source to “Current User’s Clients”. For option 2, set it to “Do a search for Clients where Creator = Current User”.