Multi User application seprate data

Hi Guys
I am building a job management software and am needing to know how I stop all my users seeing each others data.
At the moment I have data for users and clients when I create a new user and I go to my client page it should be empty but it shows every client I have added using another login.
Is there a way of each user having its own database if so how do I do this at current I have the following formula in a repeating group “Current cell’s client’s company name”. Although this works well for one user I would like to give every user a blank canvas unless the user has been created by another user.

Please help

Add a field to the client data type called something like “ClientUser”, make it of type user.
Then populate that field with the entitled user.
Then add a constraint to your RG where ClientUser = Current User.

Hey thanks for your quick response sorry can you please break this down abit more for me sorry im new to this i catch on quick but still getting my head around it all

Since you are trying to filter for clients AND users, you need to include both of these fields in the client table. Hence “Add a field to the client data type called something like “ClientUser”, make it of type user.”

If you’re still stuck after trying to implement, ask a specific question or 2 so I can know how to guide/support.

I have created a new type called client user so now what do I do do I go to my client page where I’m populating that data and add that to the group

In the RG data source, add a constraint that says “user = current user”.

Sorry what is RG data source

repeating group data source. Something like this.
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 8.05.32 AM

That comes up as a error

I’d love to continue helping, but I do have appointments that have just started. I can strongly recommend that at this stage you pause your development efforts and make an investment in the Bubble tutorials, and then a number that are online. You are struggling through some elementary steps and you will gain much by taking the time to learn, as opposed to trying to build without a foundation.

For the online tutorials, search within youtube for “bubble tutorials gaby [the topic you are interested in]”
For example, typing in “bubble tutorials gaby repeating group” returns a few excellent tutorials, including this one:

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