How To Hide An Element With Option Set

When the user signs up to the site they are given a User Type using an option set.
The User Types are Admin, Business, General.

The users Post Content which is stored in a Post Table.

If the user is a Business User I want to make visible another element inside the Post Content.

What I am trying to do using a Condition is to say:

But that does not work.

Could someone point out what I’m doing wrong because that seems like the perfect condition to apply to display the hidden element.


Hi there, @alec.bancroft… that condition looks reasonable to me, so one of the things that comes to mind is privacy rules. Any chance you have a privacy rule set up that is getting in the way?


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The first question you ever answered for me was at the beginning of my Bubble journey and it was the default format of privacy in the User table that was the problem. Here we are X months down the line and last week I updated my privacy settings across all tables which has obviously stopped this from working.

All things are simple when you’re @mikeloc

Mike… Thanks!

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Correction, my friend… most things are at least somewhat simpler when it’s not your app, you haven’t been staring at it for ages, and you have the luxury of sitting back and arm-chair quarterbacking the whole thing.


Again @mikeloc is right on the money. You sit bashing away on your app until you’ve seen it so many times that you begin to wonder does it have any value because everything seems to take ages… but that’s because you’re running down a learning curve and everything doesn’t take forever its just you learning.

Mike a case of beer in the UK is about £15 so if you’ve got a PayPal account I’ve got a case of beer waiting for you.



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