Input field/s visibility based on dropdown selection

Hi guys,

Me and my partner are developing an ERP like app and we wanted to make certain fields visible based on the user dropdown selection and it works when we used the option sets with the workflow below

However, when we used “Static choices” like the image below, the same results didn’t appear.

Is there a reason why only option sets worked and static choices didn’t? And why doesn’t setting “Conditional” for that input field doesn’t render the same results as it did with workflow?

Welcome to the forum! @bkay

Please show the setup when you use static texts

It should work…

A TIP here is that you don’t need a workflow for this.

You can simply use the conditional tab of your elements to show or hide them based on your dropdown’s value.

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Hi @cmarchan thanks for the reply!
This is the set up for static choices and I did add in a conditional for it like below too but the hide and show doesn’t work.

Hi @rpertribu,

I did try using a conditional as below but it doesn’t render in the preview because it still shows up when both options are selected. Or am i supposed to set a different conditional for this?

If you added Entity with double quotes surrounded, it won’t work. You should add Entity just like that, and the when statement will put the double quotes.



Hi @hergin thank you so much for your help and really appreciate for giving an example along as well!