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How to hire, what to ask

Software requirements specification? @alan5 ?

Lol! Yep one of the OG Bubblers!! The guys that could build a Twitter clone in 30 minutes! :innocent:

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Understanding and documenting the problem to be solved is the hardest problem in software development.

A software requirements specification (SRS) is a description of software to be developed. It focuses on “what” needs to be done rather than “how” to do it. The SRS documents objectives, functional and non-functional requirements (availability, reliability, security, etc.), data the software maintains and usually includes a set of use cases that describe user interactions that the software must provide, a glossary of terms and information about stakeholders (people who use or are affected by the software).

A SRS Manager allows analysts to maintain one or more SRSs.

Very interesting @alan5. In my consultancy company we focus on the problem to be solved and therefore product market fit.

If you want to brainstorm or get input from the market feel free to contact.

I do believe that almost in all cases the technical part is not the most difficult one. It is what to build and why and how to do it in the most simple and easiest way. Seems like your tool can help with that.

Friend of mine is thinkering about a program from a testing perspective. What do you want, why and how can we validate that what was promised or needed works and therefore is delivered.

I posted an entry called “Certified Bubble Developer” in Ideas. Please read and it and add your thoughts. Thanks.

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