How to hire, what to ask

Hi all,

We have just started building our new app but it is too much work so we need an extra person.

Any idea what to ask during an interview that makes sure he or she is knowledgeable enough in bubble or eager to learn and able to learn fast?

Since it is a startup it also needs to be someone who loves the chaotic fail fast can do mentality. But that kind of character types we have hired before so we will manage.

But how to identify quickly if somebody understands bubble or is eager and smart enough to pickup Bubble.

Any tip is welcome!



There are so many of us looking to make a buck. Many of us will learn as quick as we are getting paid. :wink:I’d start by asking for examples of desired site features

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Thanks @jared.gibb

What do you mean with your comment about learning tied to the pay?

Just to give you a quick example of what I mean as it may change slightly for your use case. The owner of the company I work for told me I could get a $20,000 raise if I got my masters degree. So I went to school for two years and got my masters degree and got that raise.

Happy to say I am a Masters Level Board Certified Behavior Analyst specializing in The treatment of severe challenging behaviors as well as organizational behavior management.

Money talks and if you are willing to offer enough to somebody they’ll go out and learn what they don’t have to make sure that they get you and your project. That also means you may end up hearing some lies during an interview so you should ask people to give you examples of their work also. Perhaps you find somebody that fits your price range but doesn’t have one particular but all the other skills you needed. You could offer to hire contingent on being open to learning the other skill.

Also, communication is key. If you can’t have a solid conversation with the person that you’re trying to hire, no matter how great their skill set is, don’t hire them. Not unless your life depended on it. But think about that, if you cant communicate with them they could never save your life. Paying a lot of money to somebody who will just piss you off sucks.

Thanks @jared.gibb I understand and I concur.

Thinking about it, as we mainly need someone to find product market fit it means some work, pause the work to test in the market, some work, pause to test etc.

So this means the person should not need to much time learning everything. Which will be no issue when there is enough work for years to come.

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Hi @sem
My suggestion would be to provide a detailed description of what the job is and the type of person and expertise you are looking for. For example, you mentioned “some work, pause the work to test in the market, some work, pause to test” and “someone who loves the chaotic fail fast can do mentality”. Those should appear in your description. Would knowledge of a specific industry be useful? Who is your target market? What is your budget? What is your timeline? Does your app have to run on mobile?

A detailed description will help applicants self-select so you get fewer, more qualified applicants. A technical writer can help you do this.

Lots of good advice here. One tip I would have is to also look at their forum account date. You want someone who has been in the community a while. Members who have grown with Bubble. They have failed multiple times and found little tricks that maximize Bubble’s potential.


Thanks @alan5 snd @josh10,

I am thinking already how to incorporate everything what has been said so far.

One of the things I am also looking for and are a bit harder for me to check since I am not yet a pro in bubble myself are:

  • How to structure and setup everything for easy translation

  • How to build and structure for high performance (minimal database calls, smart queries etc)

  • How to setup reusable workflows so that for instance, sending a certain email, only is written in one place and used in several workflows of different places

  • How to setup the structure that it can easily be wrapped into a native mobile app on both iPhone and Android

  • Keeping Bubble as much as standard, not using all kinds of small plugins for things that can be done with standard Bubble as well in order to keep the setup as robust as possible.

Any advise on how to check the above points? Is there a “golden way of doing it in bubble” which I can use as reference?

A good job description describes:
Product (what you need, who will use it, why they will use it (faster, easier, cheaper))
Project (when you need it, how much you can spend, full/part-time, high/low pressure)
Person (domain knowledge, Bubble knowledge)

Does “easy translation” mean “easy translation to multiple languages (English, French, German)” or “Specify product and project clearly so they can deliver what I want”?

Does “high performance” mean “user sees a fast response” or “minimize the cost of supporting database operations”?

Is the purpose of “reusable workflows” to improve response through faster load/execution or improve maintainability by eliminating duplicate code that has to be changed in future?

Is the purpose of “Keeping Bubble as much as standard” to minimize cost or improve reliability and maintainability by minimizing dependencies on external code?

I agree that their forum account date is a useful indicator of Bubble experience and expertise.

Specify your goals (“what” you want) and ask them “how” they would achieve that goal. Unfortunately, that requires Bubble expertise to evaluate the quality of the answer.

Ask for references (people they have worked for or products/projects they have worked on)

Thanks @alan5 ,

I get the points, it does boils down in the end to you closing remark. Need to have enough expertise to make sense out of the given answers. Anyway, that’s how it is. Interviewing a few might help to see if the answers correlate or not.

Will write down everything since I have all the input.

@alan5 if I may ask, what is your own experience? Having a look at when you joined you just started out with Bubble so to speak. Do you come from a programming background? And what is you interest/focus in Bubble?

Are you talking about me? :lying_face: :yum:

What I’m usually looking for from clients

  • Be specific on the project requirements
  • Give developers a timeline that you’re aiming to work together for, it’s okĂ© if you don’t want to invest in a long-term collaboration. Just be clear and transparant as the rate might be dependant on this for some developers, including me.
  • Long-term goals, even if it doesn’t include staying on Bubble. If you want to build the project outside of Bubble within a year from now, just tell the developers upfront.
  • Brief description on the project itself
  • Rough sketches/wireframes. Have something like a figma drawing ready? That’s even better!

As for the developers

  • Ask for the portfolio
  • Ask for their customer satisfaction guarantee, as for me I typically offer a guarantee for the first week to assess the collaboration etc. If you don’t like the work, you should be able to move on without having the collaboration turn out into a nightmare.

To sum things up, if you have a wireframe, brief project description and long-term goals ready along with a budget in mind you should be in a good position to find a developer that’s willing to jump on board.

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Are you @alan5 ? :wink:

If yes, tell me. If not, tell me your story.

What do you mean? I think alan5 has a different profile :wink:

Thanks for your elaborate post. Feel free to share your portfolio.

We are building a dating platform. Tinder with the depth of matching on personality without elaborated test and dull brands.

Design pages are done, brand is done, website is done, most workflows are done.

Since we launch, finding product market fit is key. So focus is now on getting a working mvp after which all money and time will be spend on telling the story, marketing the platform and when needed do quick and small tweaks in bubble. As soon there is product market fit, bubble might be not ideal to scale. So at that stage we might move to a bespoke platform build from scratch.

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My hands are tight atm. I just wanted to help you out a bit :see_no_evil:

I typically avoid building fintech, proptech and dating related applications as they are not within my scope of interest, good luck though as I’m sure there are many talented developers here

Thanks a lot for your input. What does have your interest? Via my other business we help clients to get a kickstart and need to develop mvp a lot.

I would best define it as a case-by-case. Some of the projects I’ve previously worked on are related to:

  • Healthtech
  • Retailtech
  • Education
  • Food Delivery
  • Warehouse Management
  • Accounting CRM’s
  • Import/Export Law Management

Some of my capabilities but not limited to are:

  • Back-end Development
  • API Development
  • Payment Integrations
  • Workflow Management
  • Database optimizations
  • Front end UI/UX
  • Node.js

Feel free to message me with your requests anytime. :+1:

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I’m 72 and long retired. I’ve been involved in IT since 1969 as coder, analyst, and business owner. I have a concept that IMHO will make it radically easier and faster to create a clear, complete, correct SRS. I’m developing a prototype in Bubble to gain funding to create the tool and accompanying library in Java. On a scale of 0 (never heard of Bubble) to 9 (wrote Bubble), I’m a 3 or, on good days, a 4. I have a basic SRS Manager working (CRUD and some analytics) but several of the key functions in the prototype don’t fit well with Bubble’s view of the world.

@alan5 ,

Interesting to read Alan5. What is a SRS manager?