How to Implement SDK

Has anyone successfully implement an SDK integration from TP app?

Use case - i am trying to implement this SDK in bubble - Web SDK Integration | Phyllo API.

Any pointers on how to do this in bubble? I’ll like to trigger the process on clicking a button.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not familiar with this specific product, but if you want to properly integrate the SDK I’m fairly certain you’re going to need to build a plugin to do it. Trying to run everything in the browser is probably going to be pretty insecure so you’ll need to create a plugin so you can have certain aspects run in the backend.

The other option would be to just integrate with the API and then build your own UI. That would probably be a far faster route IMO.

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Thanks for the pointers, Josh. I am actually in the same line of thought as you “building a plugin”, in fact, 60% through it - just having issues with the JS syntax.

The api route would have been the easiest and my preference TBH. However, the platform intentionally makes every TP platform (e.g. mine) go through their connect SDK step to fully utilise the phyllo apis.

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